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Some people get to their best self with in-person one-on-one or small group training.

Sets and reps and cardio, oh my! Getting fit doesn't have to be a headache when there is so much to gain. Here are some benefits you can expect to experience when working with The Sweaty Health


- increased energy

- decreased body fat mass

- increased skeletal muscle mass

- a better understanding of how to workout efficiently

- increased mobility and injury prevention

The benefits can be endless, sometimes you just need someone to motivate and push you, we're here for you!


Cooking Eggs


Let us navigate you past the trendy diets and onto the path to a healthier and happier you. 

By signing up with our Nutritional Counseling program, you have given yourself the gift of a lifetime. This program is a life changer. You'll enter a 16 week course of education and habit changing. With behavioral change on our mind, we set out to find what works best for you and your life. Collaboration with you, our nutritionists work to get you onto the right track that is sustainable and most of all, enjoyable.

Nature Explorer


Our programs are designed and templated to make you strong. 

Signing up for our Remote Exercise program, you are outsourcing your exercise programming to us. Allow us to handle the workouts, and we'll let you enjoy the results.


What is Remote Exercise Programming?

- Be anywhere, at any time.

- Use our intuitive and advanced programming app right at your fingertips. With exercise videos and descriptions, you'll be able to learn and perform exercises you may have not known how to do before.

- No hassle scheduling with trainers, you workout on your own time.

- Reminders and encouragement notifications to keep you on track.


Who applies for this?

Most of our clients have a good exercise background and are well versed in your basics. They are not injured but may have your typical aches and pains. They are self-motivated and are looking for a great workout program to guide them to their goals. They are people who like to track things. If this sounds like you, apply right below!

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Networking Event


Balancing a Healthy Organization

The Sweaty Healthy's workplace wellness programs give your company and employees an opportunity to improve their wellbeing and performance.



What makes The Sweaty Health different?

We partner with forward-thinking companies striving to bring innovation and the latest information and technology to the workplace to develop the most effective program imaginable.


Enhance Employee Experience:

We get your employee eating healthier and moving better. 


Encapsulate Health:

Bring the fitness facility to you. Allow our team to design and outfit your company's facility with a state of the art equipment. With aesthetics in mind, we bring relaxation, regeneration and a place for employees to refocus within your workplace. 


These services can work independently or in conjunction with existing wellness programs. 

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