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We're fitness professionals with a passion for making a healthy lifestyle simple. We are here to help you navigate through all the fads, trends and questions so that you could be your sweatiest, healthiest, self. We look forward to sharing our tips and tricks that have worked for us, hundreds of clients and thousands of followers. 


Scott Schratwieser, BS in Exercise ScienceCSCS, PN1, FRCms,

Samantha Schratwieser, CHEK Holistic Health Coach, PN1, FRCms, AF1

Steve Singson, B.A. in Sports Studies, CPT, KB1

Steve is a former 4-year collegiate soccer player graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Studies with a concentration in Health Science. He is a certified personal trainer, kettlebell coach and also teaches group fitness. His belief is that fitness should be fun, and although sometimes exercise encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, incorporating things you enjoy will always optimize performance. Steve enjoys pushing his clients and students to achieve what may have seemed impossible because everyone is an athlete with just different levels of movement. With strategic programming, he creates a combination of challenging and fun workouts to encourage both mental and physical growth.